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Ms. Baybo Welcomes you to Economics and U.S. History!

Welcome to Ms. Baybo's page!
This summer I explored the Eastern Sierras in search of wild Mustangs!  Yes, I found them with other adventurous photographers.  Not only am I a teacher, I am an entrepreneur managing a photography business.  Plus, this past year and summer my future bed n' breakfast was in construction!  Whew, that has been a struggle, but that's life at times as you well know I'm sure. Exciting, no matter the difficulties.
We will explore Economics and United States History together.  My hope for you is to become a life-long learner, because ignorance is not bliss.  So, please choose to think and learn this year and throughout your entire life!
Parents and students, I will be on extended day this year and will be available before the first class of the day and a short time after school if you need to make an appointment with me or need assistance.
Contact Information:
Cell phone 424-321-0203 (I will answer calls or texts before 8 p.m. and if I am teaching in the evening, I will respond during a break.)
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11th Grade United States History
     Session 1
     Session 2
12th Grade Economics
     Session 1
     Session 2