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We have some incredible students here at Mira Monte. Public speaking definitely takes courage, especially after the year and some change of the past couple years. Nonetheless, we still had students who wanted to step up to the challenge and chose to participate in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies Competition at BHS last night. We wanted to share their results with everyone.


Mira Monte showed up to compete with 54 students for the Sectional Opening and Closing with 9 full teams.


We are very proud of all the students who followed through with their commitments and challenged themselves as public speakers. For many of them this was their first time participating in a public speaking competition. They represented Mira Monte very well please feel free to join us in telling these kids how proud we are them!


Special congratulations and shout out to

  • Opening and Closing
    • Spanish Team who placed 1st in their division,
      • Natalie Arciniega, Star Secretary
      • Kaylee Estrada, Star Sentinel
    • Freshmen team who placed 5th in their division


Thank you to the Teachers who extended us lots of grace as we are getting back in a groove. Thank you to those who excused students so they could attend and practice.  The students and our department really appreciated it! We would not have been able to do as well without all your help and support!


- Roobie Richards, Agriculture Department Chair